I’ve been using LocalWP (The Local WordPress Development Tool) for around 12 months now and it has been the best tool i have ever used for development. Prior to this, WordPress development was a real chore. Creating the WordPress Environment from within applications like Xampp  was just far too time consuming and then opening ports to allow clients to view development sites was just all too much hassle for me!

But then my prayers were answered! I stumbled across LocalWP by Flywheel one day while doing my daily scrolling through facebook and i’ve never looked back since. And even better! They made all premium features FREE back in June, So now it’s even better!

What does it offer me as a developer?

You are able too install WordPress super quick and conveniently, Takes less than 60 seconds to fully install and I am able to start developing straight away with no lengthy set-up process.

From within local I can choose my PHP & Database Version on the fly so I am able to ensure that the sites work on multiple server configurations.

What features does it have?

The list really is endless, But I’ll name my favourites and also link to the official Features Page so you can see the extended list!

  • Live Links – For me, This is the best part! The ability to send a link to your client so they can see the website progress with the click of a button! It doesn’t get better than that.
  • One Click Admin – The ability to just click “Admin” and load into the WordPress dashboard already logged in is nothing short of god-like. It’s honestly surprising how much time this saves!
  • Saving Sites as Blueprints  – As many of my sites use the same Plugins and base theme. The Blueprint feature allows me to set up a new environment with these plugins and base theme pre-installed. No more copy and Pasting or downloading everything from the WP Plugin Repo.

But don’t just take my word for it! Look at the full features list and see for yourself. – Local | Features (localwp.com)