It is now easier than ever to acquire a moment of my time!

I’ve often pondered about how I can make myself more reachable for new and existing clients. I tried “Live Chat” systems but these didn’t work for me. I decided that I needed something that would allow me to set my own working hours, While still allowing clients to approach me at a time that’s convenient for them.

I decided an Appointment System was probably the best route to go down. This allows me to set my working schedule, (Monday to Saturday) and it gives clients the freedom to book a slot to chat, which suits them!


Do I (the client) have to use this system?

of course not! You are welcome to contact me through any of the other methods in my Contact Section any time!

What are the benefits of Pre Booking?

Pre-booking an appointment allocates your time-slot and ensures I can dedicate the time to your requirement! Also by Pre-booking you receive a slightly reduced rate on any work done during this time!

What if I need longer than an hour?

if you think you need any longer than an hour, Please use the Consultation option, I’ll get in touch and we can discuss your needs at length and i’ll give you an accurate time-frame and cost!


So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment now!