Here we are, In September my workload is as busy as ever and I’m at the point where I think I require an extra pair of hands, As nice as this would be. I don’t feel my workload is enough to sustain both myself and a new developer consistently, That being said. I am happy to spend a few hours each evening, or a few evenings a week here and there teaching a new developer.

What am I looking for?

The ideal candidate should be fluent in English and be completely able to use a computer with no assistance. The candidate should have a steady internet connection to allow for teaching’s over Zoom/MS Teams. Most importantly, You must be willing to learn. A basic knowledge of HTML/CSS & Javascript (jQuery) would be an advantage.

What’s the process?

I will teach you basics of each area of my teaching then you will be assigned a small, basic task which should take no more than an hour to complete. These will give you an example of a real world task, and will help you to become a great developer.

What will you learn?

I look to expand your knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript, After this I will be looking to teach you PHP, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap, WordPress Plugin & Theme Development, API’s (Such as Google Maps) and more!


The learning process can be completely at you own pace and will be completely free of charge. Once I feel you are at a level where I feel that I’m able to give you some of my Paid Task’s, I will ask you to perform some of the more Basic tasks, Then providing you perform these to an acceptable level I’d be able to start giving you more work, Hopefully resulting in a development partnership between us that can only grow over time.



If you’re interested in becoming a developer, Please contact me using the contact form provided. I’ll be taking applications until the 26th September and I’ll choose one person to receive my tutoring moving forward.