Here we are, into another month of 2020, so what’s been happening?

The main news is that I am now able to offer an in-house hosting solution for any customers, New and Old! I am able to offer Linux Based Web Hosting using either Plesk or Cpanel. These are both UK Based, Superfast servers with unlimited bandwidth and generous resources.

Get in touch to see what deal I can do for you!

So what else has been going on that’s newsworthy? Throughout June I had been assisting the owner of my previous website Project (Celestial-RSPS) with some Java Development to connect the Website and the Game together to show real-time gameplay statistics. I’ve also been helping the development team fix some issues with some in-game content which has been an exciting challenge and renewed my love for Java as a programming language. I certainly hope to spend more time writing Java and expanding my knowledge of it.


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