Teaching Website Development

Here we are, In September my workload is as busy as ever and I’m at the point where I think I require an extra pair of hands, As nice as this would be. I don’t feel my workload is enough to sustain both myself and a new developer consistently, That being said. I am happy […]

New Booking Service!

It is now easier than ever to acquire a moment of my time! I’ve often pondered about how I can make myself more reachable for new and existing clients. I tried “Live Chat” systems but these didn’t work for me. I decided that I needed something that would allow me to set my own working […]

Local WP – The Development Lifesaver.

I’ve been using LocalWP (The Local WordPress Development Tool) for around 12 months now and it has been the best tool i have ever used for development. Prior to this, WordPress development was a real chore. Creating the WordPress Environment from within applications like Xampp  was just far too time consuming and then opening ports […]

Website Overhaul

So the past few weeks i’ve been busy re-creating my own website which let’s be honest, Really did need a good overhaul. Along with this came a very simplistic, minimal new logo and i decided to go for a darker theme this time. It seems like it’s all the rage in 2021! I’ve decided i’m […]

What is a “Full Stack Developer”?

What is a Full Stack Developer? A full stack developer is somebody who works with both the Front end(Client side) and the Back end (Server Side) of the website. Being a full stack developer requires the developer to understand multiple programming languages and technologies which can be beneficial for the client as it allows the […]

Web Hosting now available!

Here we are, into another month of 2020, so what’s been happening? The main news is that I am now able to offer an in-house hosting solution for any customers, New and Old! I am able to offer Linux Based Web Hosting using either Plesk or Cpanel. These are both UK Based, Superfast servers with […]

Who Am I?

I’m Thomas Deer, a freelance website developer, passionate about the web, happily building, breaking then rebuilding most things PHP and WordPress. I have been working in Web Development for around 10 years and have worked on a fair few projects which is where I learnt most of what I know. My passion all began when […]