When Rich at Haighs Auto Detailing, a premier vehicle detailing business based in Shrewsbury, approached me, he had a clear vision: to create an online platform that mirrored the meticulous attention to detail and high standards they applied to every vehicle they serviced. His goal was not just to have a website, but a digital showroom that showcased his expertise and the transformative power of his detailing services.

Here’s how I approached the project:

1. Visual Showcase: Recognising the visual nature of auto detailing, I prioritised high-quality imagery and video content. We collaborated on a photo shoot, capturing before-and-after shots of vehicles they’ve serviced, highlighting the depth of their work. The website’s gallery became a testament to the transformative power of their detailing.

2. User-Friendly Design: With potential clients ranging from car enthusiasts to everyday vehicle owners, it was essential to create a user-friendly interface. The design is intuitive, ensuring visitors can easily navigate through the services offered, view pricing, and book appointments.

3. Local SEO Integration: Being a Shrewsbury-based business, local visibility was paramount. I integrated local SEO strategies to ensure that Haighs Auto Detailing appeared prominently in local search results, driving organic traffic and attracting potential clients from the region.

The final product was a digital platform that did more than just represent Haighs Auto Detailing; it embodied their passion, expertise, and commitment to excellence. Today, their website stands as a digital extension of their Shrewsbury workshop, inviting visitors to experience the pinnacle of vehicle detailing.

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