I was approached by Brandon from Seren-PS early in the year after he had seen some of my previous work, he wanted a homepage for his upcoming RuneScape Private Server game which i was happy to help with as it is an area i am extremely familiar with.

Brandon essentially gave me free reign with his website. he wanted to make it as unique as physically possible and include features that many other websites like his didn’t have. I created the entire project with WordPress and created each individual feature as a Plugin to allow them to be implemented at later dates as the development continued.

Some of the unique features on the website were:

  • A fully custom WooCommerce Extension which added the ability for instant automated in-game purchases.
  • Custom In-Game Highscores plugin.
  • A monster bestiary which was able to lookup the strengths and weaknesses of in-game monsters and show the rewards for killing each monster.
  • A Item Bonuses lookup which was able to lookup every single in-game item and show offensive/defensive bonuses.
  • A Wheel Of Fortune Daily spin system which rewarded every player with 1 spin per day which would give them a random in game item, Additional spins could then be purchased on the store.
  • and much much more!

The website also featured a fully custom Discord Widget which allows Brandon to show/hide certain features/areas of the widget by simply toggling an On/Off button.

In total I was working on this website on and off for a couple of months, Often expanding functionality. I really enjoyed working on this website as it felt very nostalgic for me.

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